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Christina’s Journey to Social Housing

“I was born in Argentina and life was very hard in those days. We apply to come to Australia and in 1980 we arrived in Australia.”

“A while ago my marriage broke up and I was left with nothing. My biggest concern was to find accommodation.”

“I got really sick due to my condition and I couldn’t work anymore. Not everybody can afford to live in their own place, due to the circumstances can change.“

“When I had my interview with Wentworth, they didn’t discriminate against me, they accepted me. It made me feel really good and comfortable about myself.”

“Wentworth gave me a call to show me a place in Penrith. I said I’ll take it and moved in. And then to my surprise was the kind of people that were in community housing, they were really nice people and I developed a big nice friendship.”

“At the moment it’s a hobby but I would like to be a 3D artist, the last two years I got really stuck into it. With the other place I couldn’t do that because I didn’t have room to put my computer so this place has been like a blessing to me.”

Quotes taken from Christina’s stories

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