Request a repair

Link Wentworth is committed to providing safe homes. If there is a repair or maintenance issue that makes your home unsafe, please let us know.

There are two type of repair or maintenance issues:

  1. Urgent Repairs- Roof leaking, Hot Water System failure, Gas leak, electrical fault
  2. Non-urgent – Missing flyscreens, paint peeling, carpet fraying

Do you have an urgent repair?

The following is a list of issues that are considered urgent,If you have one of the below urgent issues, please call Link Wentworth as soon as possible. If calling outside of our normal business hours, follow the prompts to select option “1” and speak to our after-hours team.

For emergencies involving gas leaks, flooding, storm or fire damage, please contact 000 immediately.

Request for a non-urgent repair

The following is a list of issues that are considered non-urgent, If you have one of the below issues and you would like for someone from Link Wentworth to call you back to discuss and resolve the matter, please complete the following request form

click here for repair request form

Paying for repairs

Sometimes repairs and maintenance are something Link Wentworth will pay for. This includes issues which are caused by a structural problem or because of an event such as a storm or something else which is out your control.

You will be asked to pay for repairs and maintenance, including emergency repairs, where you, a member of your household, a visitor or a pet have caused the damage, or where the damage has been caused as a result of not maintaining the property, e.g. cleaning your gutters.

The cause of damage is something we might disagree about. If you are dissatisfied with a decision, we make on whether to charge you for repairs and maintenance, you can appeal the decision.