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Robert’s Journey to Social Housing

“I moved down to Leura and there I discovered I needed some emergency housing. So I went to Social Services and they put my name down with Community Housing. They were surprisingly prompt and they had me in a flat in Katoomba within weeks of my application.

“This is my 19th year being in residence in this place. Very nice part of town, quiet, good neighbours, no traffic pouring through, an excellent spot to be living in.

“This street is a rather strange street in many ways. Quite a number of the houses in it are houses that are leased so they have a moving population and I think in a way people haven’t particularly known that we are public housing.

“I think community housing is essential. How some people survive I don’t know. There’s a high percentage of single mothers living off social services who wouldn’t be getting a lot of money – how they survive paying full rent is beyond my comprehension.”

Quotes taken from Robert’s stories

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