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Programs and events

Join your neighbourhood and community

We have a range of programs and events for residents, from art and gardening to education and employment and social outings in your community. We also hold regular events and meetings at resident properties which you can come along to.

To see what is available now, please email or call your local office.

A group of people in art class

Art Classes and No Place Like Home Art Exhibition

Link Wentworth offers various resident art group classes that are held in different locations throughout Sydney. No previous experience necessary. We also proudly collaborate with our customers in the No Place Link Home Art Exhibition. Download our Fact Sheet to find out more.

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A lady doing gardening

Community Greening

To support the many Link Wentworth residents who enjoy gardening, getting out in the fresh air and making friends, we run:

  1. Community gardening working bees at resident properties. Residents can grow a range of plants with the help of our wonderful partner, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. We also encourage residents to start new gardens with our help. Enquire about our community greening workshops by emailing
  2. Our annual Growing Communities Gardening Competition where residents can win a $200 or $100 gift card! Gardens of all types and sizes are accepted. Stay tuned for details about our 2023 competition.
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A group of students in class

Education and employment

Link Wentworth runs a range of programs to help residents learn new skills and achieve their goals. These include:

  1. Scholarship Program – The Program can help residents with the cost of education, sport and special interests like music. It is open to all residents who live in a Link Wentworth managed home. Visit our Scholarship page for more information.
  2. Digital Discoveries – Digital classes for our residents. Though some sessions are specifically for residents aged 55 years and older, others are open to all. Residents learn simple skills to help them feel happy and safe online and socialise over morning or afternoon tea.
  3. English Classes – We provide support for our residents who are interested in running English Classes in their local community rooms or venues. The classes are informal and can help residents with everyday conversations.
  4. Adult Learners Week – Adult Learners Week operates annually from the 1-8 September, this incorporates International Literacy day which is celebrated internationally on the 8 September. Link Wentworth offers a range of adult learning opportunities throughout Adult Learners Week.

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Two girls having fun in a social outing

Social outings and events

We take every opportunity for all staff members to spend time and celebrate with our residents and community. These include:

  1. End of Year Tenant Parties run each year for our residents. Our parties include Christmas treats, entertainment, prizes and more!
  2. Annual community events such as Granny Smith Festival, NAIDOC, International Women’s Day and Adult Learners Week.
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Western Sydney Heat and Social Housing Project

Each summer, the heat seems to get worse and worse. It affects our family’s happiness, health and general wellbeing. When temperatures climb into the 30s and 40s, it’s often really hard to make your home cooler and more comfortable. 

As part of the Western Sydney Heat and Social Housing project, community housing organisations Hume, Evolve and Link Wentworth, along with Penrith and Hawkesbury councils, have produced a range of educational resources in collaboration with social housing tenants. 

To try and support vulnerable members of our community in the heat, these resources educate people on cost-effective ways to keep cool, based on lived experiences. 


  • Video with tips and tricks on how to stay cool in summer. 
  • Video of leading scientists and community members discussing the issue of rising heat in Western Sydney. 
  • Fact sheet for the Western Sydney community on how to stay cool, based on tips from our tenants. 
  • Fact sheet for frontline staff who work with vulnerable community members in Western Sydney. 

Keeping your home cool

  • Draw blinds and curtains to help keep the heat out. On days where you know it is going to be really hot, close your blinds early before it warms up.
  • Close off any rooms that aren’t used often, like spare bedrooms or the bathroom.
  • Cover the outside of your windows to keep the heat out. A simple and temporary option is to put shadecloth over windows, particularly ones that get the most sun.
  • Seal front and back doors with a ‘door sausage’. This helps to stop the heat coming in underneath the cracks.
  • Turn off any unused electrical appliances. Things like TVs and lights can create heat when the power is on.
  • Clean out your air conditioner filter so it doesn’t have to work as hard. Set the temperature to around 24 degrees. Fans can also be used to help spread the cool air from your air conditioner around your home.
  • Use fans when you can, as they are a lot cheaper than running an air conditioner. If you don’t have ceiling fans, use a standing or floor fan. You can even place a bowl of ice in front of a floor fan, so the fanpushes the cold air on to you.

Keeping yourself cool

  • Cool your body by using a damp cloth or washer. You can also use a cool neck tube from a camping shop. Using a fan will help your moist skin cool down even more.
  • Eat cool foods like salad that don’t create heat in your kitchen when you make them.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and cool drinks.
  • Take a cool shower to help lower your body temperature.
  • Place a large towel in the freezer and when you go to bed, place it on top of your sheet, on top of yourself.
  • Use a cool pack from the freezer. It’s a good idea to keep a couple frozen so you can rotate them.
  • Wear loose and cool clothing. This allows air flow around your body and helps keep it cool.
  • Go to a cool public space. When it’s not too hot, this might include a nice park with plenty of shade or somewhere with water like a lake or pool. On really hot days, there are free options like spending time at the library or a gallery. Other options include visiting shopping centres and cafes or even visiting the cinema, if you can afford it.
  • Take turns visiting friends and having them visit your home. This way only one of you has to run the air conditioner. The bonus is you can still connect with friends instead of being isolated inside your own home on really hot days.
  • During periods of really high heat, consider planning your day around the hottest times. This may include things like exercising or doing the weekly shopping trip early in the morning or in the evening.

Don’t forget!

  • Contact your housing provider if you would like to make a change to your property.  

Thank you to our tenants for providing these excellent tips!

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Journey to Social Housing

The Journey to Social Housing project brought together a group of older social housing tenants from Penrith, The Hawkesbury and the Blue Mountains to discuss their stories of securing housing.

Community Connections Grant

Link Wentworth’s Community Connections Grant is available for residents to run programs and activities that help neighbours connect.

Grants of up to $500 can be applied for to run activities like morning teas, knitting clubs, music clubs or any other initiative that encourages neighbours to get together and share common interests.

To apply, please email or call 9412 5111.

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