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Mark’s scholarship success

Our Scholarship Program is open to all Link Wentworth residents from 1 July this year! Read on for what you can do with a scholarship and how to apply.

Written by Mark, Link Wentworth resident

I have had the good fortune of being a Link Wentworth tenant at St Leonards for almost five years now. I am an affordable housing tenant under North Sydney Council’s affordable housing program for key workers. During this time, I have also become increasingly interested in the work of Link Wentworth. I am an active member of its Tenant Advisory Group which any Link Wentworth tenant can join.

As the organisation has developed since 2010, it has been able to increase the range of services that it can offer to its tenants. This includes its annual Scholarship Program which has been running for 10 years. The 2021 round awarded $100,000 and helped about 100 tenants.

It is a great initiative and I strongly urge other tenants to take advantage of it. While the amounts that are awarded may not cover the full cost of what you want to do, these scholarships are tremendously useful.

In my case, I want to learn much more about community housing and I am studying for the Diploma of Community Services (Community Housing) course that is offered by the Community Housing Industry Association. My scholarship will help with the fees. I am hoping that this course, combined with my previous experience practising law, will equip me to make a real contribution to community housing.

Other tenants who attended one of the recent scholarship ceremonies, applied for scholarships for all sorts of worthwhile projects. These ranged from school fees and creative and sporting courses for their children, to driving lessons and vocational courses to prepare them for a return to the workforce, to university degrees in accountancy, engineering and graphic design.

Start planning for your future with an application for a scholarship.

Please see the Information Sheet and 2022 Application Form on our Scholarship page, and in Mark’s words, don’t hesitate to apply.