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Link Wentworth resident Russell makes art from recycled materials

Written by Russell, Link Wentworth resident

I have been a Link Wentworth resident for 16 years. When I was told that there was a property available for me, I was a single dad sharing a bedroom with my four‑year old daughter at my mother’s place.

Link Wentworth called me and said there was a two-bedroom place that was almost finished being
built, and I was able to go down and look at it from the outside. I rushed around to see it and was so happy.

My life changed completely when we moved into housing. It gave me comfort to know I had a place to raise my daughter and where she could have her own space. She’s 21 now and will always have a place to come home to.

This home has also given me a place to do my art. I make recycled art, which I started a long time ago, making sculptures out of old car parts in my girlfriend’s garage. When I had my own place, I decided to give it a proper go and started to develop my own style.

It’s completely unique, there’s nothing else like it. It is all functional, with moving parts. Each piece is made from what I have on hand. I have a process that I follow, starting from the feet up, and I know
how I like them to be.

Unfortunately, I am now finding it difficult to get the parts to make my artwork. All the previous avenues I used have closed. I am so grateful for this place. We have enjoyed living here. I am absolutely stoked with what Link Wentworth has done for us.

This article originally appeared in the October 2022 edition of Link Wentworth’s resident newsletter