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Rent review postponed to support residents

Link Wentworth’s rent policy sets out a twice-yearly rent review for all social housing tenancies. To support our residents affected by COVID-19 and to prevent any ongoing hardship, we postponed the September 2021 rent review.

Although the review process is now underway, new rent will not be payable until the new year with the exception of any changes in circumstance. The March 2022 review will go ahead as planned, which means there will be less than six months between reviews.

A reminder that if you have returned to work since restrictions have eased, you need to update your income with us. Please complete one of the below forms within 28 days of returning to work.

Chatswood HubIncome Review Form. Email any documents to

Penrith HubForm A Application for a Rental Subsidy. Email documents to

You can also request a form by emailing the above addresses or calling 9412 5111 (Chatswood Hub) or 4777 8000 (Penrith Hub).

Say hello to Sarah

Sarah Barr, our Team Leader Rent Review, has been working to make the rent review process easier for residents. Here, she shares a bit about herself.

Favourite experience since joining Link Wentworth?
Meeting new colleagues following the merger and working with different people.

Favourite part of your job?
No two days are ever the same, it’s challenging but rewarding. One challenge is making the rent review
process easier for residents.

Favourite thing to do outside of work?
Spending time with my two little kids and partner.

Favourite holiday destination?
Anywhere in Europe.

Favourite food?

If you have any questions, please call 9412 5111 (Chatswood Hub) or 4777 8000 (Penrith Hub) or email and our friendly staff will help you.

This article originally appeared in the December edition of the Link Wentworth newsletter