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Our new client-focused website

On 1 November 2021 our new website was launched. This website contains tenancy information, forms and news for you, our Link Wentworth residents and clients.

Please have a look around the new website. Here are a few things to look out for.

  • Accessibility – The website has an Accessibility Menu from which you can increase text size and spacing, page contrast, and much more. Click the dark blue button on the top right of the website to access the menu. You can also click the Text to speech button at the top of each page to have the page read to you.
  • Tenant information – The ‘Tenants’ section contains tenancy information and documents and the ‘Community’ section contains information about joining a TAG, current programs and events, and other ways to be involved in your community.
  • Resources, Policies and Forms – For now, forms and other tenancy documents are arranged by hub (Chatswood or Penrith). If you are a Penrith Hub resident you will need to click the ‘Penrith Hub’ buttons under ‘Resources, Policies and Forms’ to access the correct documents. And if you are a Chatswood Hub resident you need to the click the ‘Chatswood Hub’ buttons. We will continue to increase the number of forms on our website to give residents more service options.
  • News Visit the ‘News’ section for articles about what is happening at Link Wentworth, as well as current and past resident newsletters.

We hope you find the website easy and enjoyable to use. We welcome your ongoing feedback to

If you need any help, please call 9412 5111 (Chatswood Hub) or 4777 8000 (Penrith Hub) or email and our friendly staff will help you.

This article originally appeared in the December edition of the Link Wentworth newsletter.