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Streetwork mural brightens Dario’s backyard

Written by Link Wentworth resident Dario

I am 53, I’m a huge sport fan and have been involved with a number of charities. I live with my staffy Jake who I have had for ten years now. He is a dog I rescued, but as it turned out he was sent by God to rescue me. He’s lovable. He’s cheeky, he stares up at me with those gorgeous puppy eyes and I just melt and he gets whatever he wants.

I discussed with Link Wentworth staff what could increase my quality of life and one of the things was getting a mural. Piers my previous social worker was the main driving force behind the mural. He had contacts at Streetwork who mentor young guys to do graffiti art.

On the day that the mural was happening, there was a sausage sizzle. Eight guys from Streetwork came. Piers, Liz and Pablo from Link Wentworth came too.

I used to do graf art in the mid-80s before becoming a rapper and MC. I was one of the most hardcore, old-school rappers in Sydney for five years solid. Graf art has meaning for me being a part of a rap crew. I’d like to get back into my rapping.

Graf art projects and things like that can provide a quality of life for all age groups. It gives young people an environment where they feel like they’re home. Things that are free and bring joy are vital. And art does that.

This mural means the world to me. It brightened up my backyard and my outlook on life. Piers, Pablo and Liz made it happen and I will always be thankful to those three. Piers changed my life.

Despite my personal challenges I have quality of life here. I love this place, Jake loves this place. I am trying to improve my life with life coaching and part-time employment.

Link Wentworth is hoping to expand this project with Dario’s help and involve other residents. For more information about Streetwork, the amazing organisation that created the mural, visit

This story originally appeared in the first edition of the: Link Wentworth newsletter.