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Introducing Link Wentworth Affordable

Since our merger on 1 April 2021, our Affordable Housing services, which we deliver as a registered real estate agency have continued to grow. To support this growth, our passionate Affordable Housing Team of eight staff members is proud to launch a new name for the service – Link Wentworth Affordable.

As one of the largest community housing providers in Australia, Link Wentworth’s mission is “Providing more homes and delivering quality services to enable a brighter future for people facing housing stress and homelessness.”

Link Wentworth Affordable takes pride in serving our landlords, and the residents who live in our homes. The team also works in close partnership with private property owners, investors, developers, local governments and other charitable organisations.

Affordable Housing is a crucial service for people on low to moderate incomes who are not able to afford market rent, allowing them to live in central locations near their work and/or support systems.

Affordable housing is different to social housing which is for individuals on very low incomes. Below is a graph that shows how Affordable Housing fits within the Housing Continuum.

You can see the different Affordable Housing income limits on our Apply for Affordable Housing page.

Our below-market rental properties can help people save to buy their own home. In the 2020-2021 financial year, six of our tenants were able to buy their own home while living in our Affordable Housing properties.

Are you finding it hard to afford rentals in Sydney or NSW? Or are you a healthcare worker, teacher, or other key worker looking for an apartment close to work? 

View our Apply for Affordable Housing page to read about eligibility, view current property listings and apply online.  

And view our Property management page if you are a private owner, developer or charitable organisation looking for high-quality property management services.

If you have any questions contact our friendly Affordable Housing Team (pictured below), by emailing or calling 9412 5111.