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Link Wentworth, CHIA NSW and other CHPs submit to Inquiry into Homelessness Amongst Older People Aged Over 55 in NSW

On Monday 18 July, the hearing began for the Inquiry into Homelessness Amongst Older People Aged Over 55 in NSW. We are proud to support our colleagues from CHIA NSW and also our tenant Marie who are presenting at the hearing.

Link Wentworth was pleased to contribute our own submission to the Inquiry, which detailed anecdotal evidence from our on-the-ground case workers and provided a recommendation for purpose-built, community-focused aged care managed by community housing providers. You can read our submission here.

We were also proud to contribute to CHIA NSW’s submission alongside our community housing sector colleagues. You can read that submission here.

In a media release for CHIA NSW, our tenant, TAG member and housing advocate Marie said:

“The number of stories I hear through National Alliance of Seniors for Housing with senior women being homeless is heartbreaking. These women have raised children and been caregivers throughout their lives and find themselves alone, no superannuation or savings and cannot receive priority housing until they reach 80 years. There is no option for many of these women and can end up in insecure and unsafe housing or becoming homeless with no hope for the future.”

We are so proud of Marie for sharing her experience and for presenting at the hearing on Tuesday 19 July.

We are looking forward to the outcomes of the Inquiry, hoping it results in policy change and additional funding to support the range of changes suggested in these submissions.

Most importantly, we hope it leads to greater supply of appropriate social and affordable housing.

Read in the media: