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Flood preparation with our Resilience Committee

This article was written by Link Wentworth residents Susan Lucock and Mary Conyard (pictured) before the current flood crisis had begun. We are grateful to Susan and Mary for taking initiative as the below information reached residents by mail at the right time.

For current flood information, including resources specific to the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley, please visit our Flood information and resources page. We also have service information for residents on the page.

As our everyday focus remains on the pandemic, let’s recap basic flood preparation, and assistance that is
available. This is especially important for residents who live in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley. Over our recent Christmas holidays, we read about too many flood accidents. Please never ignore warnings and cross floodwaters.

Flood preparation

In case you need to leave your home in an emergency:

  • Do you have somewhere to go that is safe and secure (family, friends, or a community haven)?
  • Is your vehicle fuelled and ready to go? Or if going by public transport, have you planned?
  • Have you packed everything for your pet (food, bowls, cages, vet and medication lists)?
  • Do you have important paperwork (ID, birth certificate, insurance, vaccination lists, medication and medical contacts)?
  • Do you have the other items listed on the blue graphic below?

Link Wentworth’s Hawkesbury Office has SES Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley information packs about preparing for floods. You are welcome to collect an information pack from the office or request for one to be mailed to you by calling the office on 4777 8000. The resources can also be viewed online.

Hawkesbury City Council has a regularly updated online Disaster and Emergency Dashboard.

© State of New South Wales (NSW State Emergency Service) 2015

Flood assistance

• For emergencies involving flooding call 000.

• For general help in a flood, call the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) on 132 500.

• If you require repairs due to flood damage, call Link Wentworth on 9412 5111 or 4777 8000 as soon as possible to lodge a repair request. Please call the NSW SES on 132 500 to request urgent assistance during the event.

• Link Wentworth can also provide extra support through internal and external services during business hours.

• Service NSW has a questionnaire that you can complete to receive a list of assistance services.

Tenant’s Union of NSW has information about flood damage.

This article originally appeared in the March 2022 edition of Link Wentworth’s resident newsletter.