Link Wentworth

13 14 21

02 4726 5500


Link Wentworth launches new contact number

We are thrilled to announce that starting 20 July 2023, our new contact number, 13 14 21, is now active and ready to assist our residents with all your enquiries, feedback, or requests including repairs and maintenance.

Learn more about the new number with the below frequently asked questions.

Why is the number changing?

By centralising our contact number, we can better serve our community and respond promptly to residents needs.

What will it be used for?

All enquiries, questions, feedback or requests including repairs and maintenance.

Will the old numbers (02 9412 5111 and 02 4777 8000) still work?

Yes, until the end of January 2024 to allow our customers a smooth transition. However, we encourage everyone to start using the new number.

What if someone can’t call 13 14 21?

We have a landline number 02 4726 5500 that can be called.

Is it FREE to call 13 14 21?

No, callers will be charged at the cost of a local call.

What will the caller hear when they call 13 14 21?

Calls to 13 14 21 are greeted with our existing welcome message

Then the IVR plays the following message:

  • If you are calling to submit or follow up on a maintenance request, please press 1
  • If you are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of being homeless and are in the Nepean, Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains area, please press 2
  • For all other enquiries, please press 3

What else is changing?

There will no longer be a Penrith and Chatswood hub on the website. All policies, forms and resources will be merged under one Link Wentworth Resources, Policies and Forms – Link Wentworth

We hope this change will significantly enhance the experience of our residents and partners with Link Wentworth.