Link Wentworth runs a range of programs to help residents learn new skills and achieve their goals. These include:

  1. Scholarship Program – The Program can help residents with the cost of education, sport and special interests like music. It is open to all residents who live in a Link Wentworth managed home. Visit our Scholarship page for more information.
  2. Digital Discoveries – Digital classes for our residents. Though some sessions are specifically for residents aged 55 years and older, others are open to all. Residents learn simple skills to help them feel happy and safe online and socialise over morning or afternoon tea.
  3. Ready2Work – Our Ready2Work Barista Program teaches residents about making coffee and the hospitality industry, and provides on-the-job training so residents can be on their way to becoming a barista or hospitality star.
  4. English Classes – We provide support for our residents who are interested in running English Classes in their local community rooms or venues. The classes are informal and can help residents with everyday conversations.
  5. Adult Learners Week – Adult Learners Week operates annually from the 1-8 September, this incorporates International Literacy day which is celebrated internationally on the 8 September. Link Wentworth offers a range of adult learning opportunities throughout Adult Learners Week.