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Update on December Rent review for our social housing tenants 

Recently, some of our social housing tenants would have received a letter about your twice-yearly rent review.  

As you know, your rent is based on your household income, which determines your eligibility for a rent subsidy. Link Wentworth rent is charged according to the NSW Community Housing Rent Policy. 

All community housing providers, like Link Wentworth, do this review twice a year to make sure you’re paying the correct rent and not more or less.  

How your rent subsidy is calculated.

From 20 September, 2023 a number of Commonwealth Government social security payments have increased. This includes the Aged Pension, as well as Rent Assistance, which many of our social housing tenants receive.

As the rent you pay to Link Wentworth is calculated at 25-30% of your household income, plus 100% of your maximum entitlement for Rent Assistance, this means that most of our tenants’ rent will increase from January 2024.

However, the increase in your other benefits should mean you still have more money left in your wallet to manage your house.

If you are feeling financial stress, or you would like to discuss your rent review, please contact your Tenancy Manager or call us on 13 14 21.