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Know your local disaster risk

Emergencies and natural disaster such as floods, bushfires, storms and heatwaves can happen anywhere, anytime. We’re encouraging Link Wentworth residents across Greater Sydney to prepare and we’re here to support you in your preparedness journey.

Here, we are focusing on getting to know your risk and how your area can be impacted by natural disasters. There are different ways you can do this.

1. On your computer or mobile, visit the:

2. Talk to your neighbors. People who have lived there a long time might remember how things like floods or fires affected them in the past. They might have useful information to share.

3. Talk to your local council. Councils work closely with emergency services and community organisations before, during, and after disasters and are a great resource for preparing. Some councils like Hawkesbury City Council have dedicated websites with information.

It’s important to know that emergencies and natural disasters can cause problems and disruptions, such as:

  • Road and bridges cut or closed
  • Access blocked to shops, medical facilities, and other services
  • Public transport (buses and trains) not working
  • Utility (electricity, gas, water) or sewage issues
  • Mobile phone and internet connections disrupted.

Exactly how you could be impacted is hard to know, because each time it will be different. That’s why it’s important to be prepared as possible and have a plan covering different scenarios.

Your preparedness journey

All natural disasters require you to take the below steps.

How prepared do you feel?

Any Link Wentworth resident across Greater Sydney can contact us to get help to prepare. We also encourage residents to collaborate with us and share their local knowledge and experience.

Call 13 14 21 or email to speak to our Communities Team.